Stephen King wants your dollar

Stephen King will start posting parts of his story, \"The Plant\" on his web site on Monday, but if less than 75% of his readers don\'t pay him a dollar, it will not continue. Newsday has the article.\"Although King has yet to spell out how readers will pay for his prose, it\'s expected that the U.S. Postal .Service will be carrying thousands of envelopes with dollars or dollar checks in them starting Monday.\"

\"‘FEAR NOT!\" Stephen King told booksellers in a recent ad that he placed in Publishers Weekly. \"This is not the end of the world as we know it, or even the beginning of the end (and it\'s my job to scare you a little, isn\'t it?).\"

\"The ad was for \"The Plant,\" a creepy serial novel from the prolific author and one whose publication, starting on Monday, will provide the boldest illustration yet of how superstar writers -- as well as the obscure -- can now bypass brick-and-mortar booksellers and traditional publishers to sell their work directly to readers.\"

\"The first installment of \"The Plant\" will be available only at Fans who visit the site will be able to download the 5,000 or so words and print them out.\"

\"There\'s only one catch: All this is on the honor system,\" King explains on the site. In a move that seems positively countercultural, the writer is charging only $1 per installment and expects buyers to send him the money. He also asks readers to promise that they won\'t print out extra copies and sell them to others.\"

\"King is committed to posting the first two installments of \"The Plant\" -- the second will follow on Aug. 21 -- and will continue from there only if honesty prevails. \"If response is good and the pay-through equals or exceeds 75 percent, Installment Three will go up in September,\" he adds. \"If response is weak, I promise to pull the plug after Installment Two.\"

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