Give me whoopi or give me death


In a follow up to the Whoopi troubles in WI, JS Online has a
OP-ED piece that puts it all
into perspective. He says both sides over

\"Society does this kind of thing all the
time. Kids can\'t go into a store and buy Playboy; they
can\'t see an R-rated movie by themselves; they can\'t
browse through the stacks at an adult bookstore.
Computers and cable television have lockout options
that try to keep pornography away from children.

What Muskego parents attempted was in line with
those efforts. Of course, their rhetoric also seemed to
indicate that what was at stake was nothing less than
the fate of Western civilization.

Certain passages in the book are \"enough to ruin the
innocence of any 14-year-old,\" said parents Richard
and Beth Kania in their complaint about the book.

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