The Hype of Harry

Topic: looks at all the hype surronding the Potter books in This Story. Interesting that a book is causing people to go so crazy.

\"Is it dumb?\" asks Dr. Alan Entin, president of the media psychology division of the American Psychological Association. \"Sure, it\'s dumb. But they line up for records, too. So it\'s no more dumb than thatBut with all Big Hypes comes the Big Backlash, and there are grumblings from outside Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry about the possible negative connotations of our response to this whole \"Harry Potter\" thing.

Issues of \"Harry-as-Satan\" thrown aside, the real question is, why do we become consumed with the latest trend? What happened to individuality? And in this particular case, how can reading en masse the adventures of a fictional 14-year-old wizard-in-training bring us satisfaction in our all-too-real lives?

According to Murray, we buy into hype hoping to give meaning to our own existence here.

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