Citations Roundup


A trio of recent news pieces have covered the use of citations.

(1) An Anonymous Patron wrote us with a NewsFactor article on the recent Read before you cite! study: the repetition of misprints in citations (such as the wrong page numbers) indicates that the "majority of scientific citations are copied from the lists of references used in other papers."

(2) On the SEO front, a NY Times article and accompanying Slashdot discussion cover Google's latest maneuver against sites with artificially inflated impact factors.

(3) And lastly, Steven from Library Stuff wants his props from people who steal links without attribution.


New Google report from Seth Finkelstein:

Google Bayesian Spam Filtering Problem? am.php

Abstract: This report describes a possible explanation for recent
changes in Google search results, where long-time high-ranking sites
have disappeared. It is hypothesized that the changes are a result of
the implementation of a "Bayesian spam filtering" algorithm, which is
producing unintended consequences.

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