Reasons to Love Being a Librarian


There are hundreds of reasons to Love being a librarian,
I can think of a few interesting ones such as: We earn so much money we can afford life\'s luxuries which would be food, water, and a roof over our head.
We get to teach others we are priceless which is why no one seems to know much we are worth.
Reasons to Love Being a Librarian
We will always be a \"Survivor\" even if we are so smart they will not let us be a contestant on \"Who wants to be a Millionaire\" We have great fringe benefits: cruises, fine dining, massages, Oh, wait those are just books that are on the library shelves We get to enforce the Books are so good, you can\'t check out just one rule to our patronsWe teach others we are priceless which is why no one knows how much we are worth.We can walk in a room and everyone will say, Wow, it\'s the librarian, can I have your autograph on my book pocket?We get to build houses with all those cards left from the card catalog days.We have a great line for picking up dates-\"I have so many books, so little time, check me out, let\'s have a fun time, I circulate but if you don\'t have me home in time, you have to pay a fine.\"
I love being a librarian but the real reason why I am one is because I enjoy helping others and that is why we all are in this profession.

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