Library considers magazine incident

News Out Of VA on John Callaghan, who was so disgusted with the cover picture on The Advocate in the library last week that he ripped it off and took it home with him.

Now Williamsburg Regional Library officials say they're deciding whether to alert law-enforcement officials, revoke Callaghan's library privileges or take other disciplinary action against him.
"I'm old-fashioned and have grandchildren, and this magazine was eye-level," he said. He said he was offended not only that the magazine was available to young people but also that his tax dollars were spent to put it there.

Library Director John Moorman said he would consult the library board and decide how to handle the situation. He said the library had "a wide variety of options, and I really don't want to discuss them at this time."


Whenever someone claims that they don't want their tax dollars spent a certain way in the library... I wonder why the library doesn't just offer to pay the person back the portion of their taxes that actually went to the library and then ban the person from using ANY of the library's services.

It's just an argument ("hey, those are MY tax dollars paying for that!") that ticks me off.

Speaking of paying off patrons:

Unshelved from Jan. 25, 2003


Unshelved from Jan. 26, 2003

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