December 2003 Cites & Insights out

Walt writes "Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 3:14 (December 2003),
the Stuff and Nonsense issue, is now
available for downloading. This is the last text issue of the year, but an index will come out in
the next couple of weeks. Expanded contents provided to satisfy a LISNews comment. If you hate it, let me know." More details on this impressive issue are inside...This 20-page issue (PDF as always) includes the following:

* Bibs & Blather (The Stuff and Nonsense issue and the lack of a reader
* Perspective: In Your Jets I'm going to Carolina (Comments on North
Carolina Library Association and the Charleston Conference)

* The Good Stuff (Nine items, including a 42-page expert report on the
care and handling of CDs and DVDs)

* A Library Stuff Perspective: Hysterical Librarians, Attorneys General
and Section 215

* Feedback: Your Insights (Including thoughts on publishers and
preservation, a variety of clarifications, and a cluster of items on
federated searching)

* Trends & Quick Takes (Six items, including the Segway saga, the
blogging iceberg, stupid lawsuits and Amazonia)

* The Library Stuff (13 items covering too many topics to summarize)

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