E-Book Quickies

I found a bucket full of EBook stories this week, so I thought I would lump them all together in a nice neat little story. Some are about libraries, some just ebooks, but they will all warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye (End Hallmark intro). The big question is still:Does your library carry them yet, or, will you be offering them soon?First Big Free Ebooks
Wired has a
Story on the first book to be distributed in its entirety by a best-selling author online for free.
The e-book, which will be featured as the cover story in the upcoming August issue of Fast Company, will also be available in a hardcover edition, available in September. Then it will be available for sale only at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

New Award for E-Publishers
Also at Wired there is another Ebooks
Story. The Small Publisher\'s Association of North America (SPAN) and iUniverse.com are giving A $10,000 award to the firm or the individual showing best understanding of how to utilize and market new publishing technology.

Books by the Chapter or Verse Arrive
The NY Times has a
Story on IDG Books plans to allow people to order customized versions of the books they want. Just pick out a chapter or 2 you want from any book, and you have your own customized book.

Some Libraries way ahead.
Yahoo News has a
Tiny Story on how libraries are slowly joing the Ebook crowd\"This is very new to the library market,\" said Tom Morrow, a spokesman for SoftBook Press, a California company that makes electronic readers for libraries. \"The libraries that are doing this are way ahead of most libraries in the country.\"

The Next News Platform?
Media Info has a
Story on how ebook readers will become a popular medium for reading news. Soon, you\'ll be able to read columns and articles from many newspapers. Sounds more realistic than an entire book, right now.

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