Far Side of the URL


Some friends of mine went to see Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World this evening. I went to the IMDB to get the runtime of the film and realized I hadn't been to the official site of the movie. I like seeing if movie websites do anything interesting (like Requiem for a Dream [flash]) so I went to the official site. I present to you the URL


I didn't know the ALA was doing other websites now!


I don't get it. Looks like a pretty standard movie site to me. What's it got to do with ALA?

Sorry--I didn't get it either! Would someone please explain so I can stop worrying about it?

the problem isn't with the site, it's the URL for the site, namely, "masterandcommanderthefarsideoftheworld.com"

- David

As earlier mentioned, earlier this year the American Library Association shelled out big bucks for a site redesign. The new URLs were rather unwieldy and
was quite appalled. So Blake's joke about masterandcommander.com gave many of us some scary flashbacks.

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