Congressional bargainers allow first step for Nixon presidential library

House-Senate bargainers agreed Wednesday to let the government take the first steps toward establishing a formal Richard Nixon presidential library.

Until now, the late President Nixon has been the only president without his own federal library since the National Archives presidential library system began with President Hoover's library in Iowa.

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Well, I'm sure many of the 'younger' (let's not draw a line in the sand) librarians and information professionals out there didn't grow up under Nixon, so it's tough for us to understand with the same perspectice the reasons behind not having a library for the former President. Sure, he is not remembered well; three words sum up my general knowledge: resigned, pardoned, dead. But it is an opportunity to get a library out there in the public that will assist researchers in their quest. Give the man his building and resources, employ some librarians to keep it organized and run in proper fashion. It doesn't erase or minimize history, but it certainly is a positive result for his service.

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