Parent objects to book in catalog from school

Bob Cox spotted This One out of FL, where Jill Leskow is proud that her 11-year-old son likes to read, but when he brought home a catalog from school with the book title When Dad Killed Mom on its cover she was stunned.
But because of Leskow's complaint, the district is now looking into how to handle a review of the book catalogs before they reach students.

Labeling a book inappropriate, however, is not an easy process even when dealing with school libraries and reading material for English classes.

School librarians have a recommended list of books to choose from, but may purchase other books at their discretion. There is no banned-book list for Palm Beach County schools.


So, not only are reactionary ignoramuses objecting to books, but now one of them, at least, is objecting to lists of books. Well, nothing really new there. The Attorney General of Pennsylvania won't release a list of non-pornographic web sites to which access is blocked, because these sites are hosted on web servers with porn sites, because the list itself is pornography due to the presence of the names of the porn sites on it, and the names of the non-porn sites are therefore guilty of being pornographic by association.

What I'd really like to know is why this goddamned idiot can't figure out for herself that she is not required to buy a book rated for ninth graders for her sixth grader. Or even that she cannot be made to buy the book at all under any circumstance.

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