LISNews Mentioned in New York Times


Bibliofuture writes "In a NY Times article about's new full-text search feature there is a quote, "Mr. Johnson wrote last week in an online forum." The online forum being mentioned was

I wonder why LISnews isn't mentioned by name since it seems the other online sources were.

From the NY Times:
Troy Johnson, a reference law librarian at Creighton University in Omaha, plans to use the feature to impress his patrons. He wants to see the look on their faces when he points them to the exact pages that answer their questions. "Should look good when I tell someone, 'On Page 45 of book xyz they talk about your subject,' " Mr. Johnson wrote last week in an online forum. "Librarians should think of how they can exploit this tool."

Read the original reply here and the article about Amazon's "Search inside the book" here.


I know why the old gray lady didn't mention by name -- we all know they've gotten a bit shoddy with their reporting and fact-checking lately. Maybe they should make good with a full-length feature on LIS News and its wonderful band of librarians.

I had to give them a very serious hard time when they used my source material without attribution, My guess is, like in my case, they just didn't check, were close to deadlines and figured "screw it" I wrote them some nasty email and wound up getting my letter to the editor of the magazine printed a few weeks later, couldn't hurt.....

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