Ref Grunting

I don't know if peter intended the title "Ref Grunt" to refer to himself or his outbursts, but his weblog of rapid-fire synopses of his reference-desk days make really great reading. He's inspired a number of imitators, including Nat, the He Said/Sh3 Said team, "twentysomething alien commando librarian" Tangognat, and your oh-so-humble author.


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Censoring. Ref desk. Boston PL and other cities.

Stop the reference desk censoring! Make more available our North American cities' municipal public archival records and documents. Arrange for a more routine transmittal of city hall departments' documents to our cities' public libraries. Arrange for mayoral orders and city council guidelines for transmittal. The civic role of our cities' public libraries is not fulfilled without making more available the documents of city government. Advise city hall departments about putting their documents on web links. Provide web links off our cities' public libraries websites that have municipal documentation.

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