In NYC today

I am in New York City today doing a wireless workshop at the Metropolitan Library Council. I have wireless access at my hotel, the Wellinmgton, for $9.95 a day using 802.11b. I went to the JiWire web site last night to check how many hotspots were near my hotel, there are over 100 within one mile. The hotel is in mid-Manhattan not far from Times Square (7th Ave and 55th). I was hoping to stay at the Library Hotel but was not booked there (SMILE).

The library council is in the Village on East 11th between Broadway and University Place. There are a large number of hotspots around here as well such as at many Verizon phone booths. The closest library hotspot listed on JiWire is at Baruch College in the library.

This is Bill Drew reporting from NYC. Bye.

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