The Marrying Librarian


Some librarians have interesting other careers-such as being a minister. Reverend Ingrid Kalchthaler gets business for her church and her library. I am evidence of this as she \"recruited\" me at the library to perform my wedding ceremony on May 6th.Reverend Ingrid Kalchthaler become an ordained minister in 1996 and then obtained her MLS degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1999. She has worked at the Shaler North Hills Library in Shaler, PA since she was 14 and it was her love of libraries that inspired her to become a librarian.
She had extra time on her hands and decided to go to library school and it was kind of ironic that the only \"B\" she got in graduate school was in ethics class given she was already ordained as a minister. She is a part-time children\'s librarian plus a full-time minister at the North Hills Community Baptist Church.
Reverend Kalchthaler said the two careers are not that different-the church is about empowering people with faith and the library is about empowering people with knowledge.
She told me the two professions are about being the best that you can be and that in the church world there are not a lot of definite answers but in the library world you can give definite answers.Reverend Kalchthaler obtains business for both the library and the church. I am evidence of this as she recruited me at the library to perform my wedding ceremony on May 6th. She performed a funeral service and then rushed to perform our wedding ceremony. My wedding was the first where she married a librarian and she would love to do more weddings for librarians or anyone else. Reverend Kalththaler is not married and she said dating is tough since she is a librarian and a minister. The marrying librian is a wonderful person to know and I am glad I met her. So if any librarian out there are interested in being married by a librarian, you know one place to go.

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