Students clicking on to knowledge

Steven J. Bell sent in this Story from Daily
News Los
that talks about how
are adding more computers and other fancy, shiny,
beeping things.

\"We call it the cybrary, instead of
the library,\" said Susan Newcomer, library media
teacher at Glendale\'s Clark Magnet High School where
students can roam the World Wide Web, view
CD-ROMs and search an online catalog for booksThe movement to automate school libraries is a costly,
time-consuming effort occurring throughout the Los
Angeles school district. Turning a library into a
cyber-library can cost anywhere from $13,000 to as
much as $100,000 depending upon the library\'s space
needs and equipment, Nissman said. Once a school
makes it to the top of the district\'s lengthy waiting list, a
four-member technology team spends about two
weeks renovating a typical school library.

Currently, one-third of the district\'s 675 schools that
have libraries have made the switch to computer
technology, another one-third are in progress and the
rest are waiting to get started, Nissman said.

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