To Stars, Writing Books Looks Like Child's Play


A story from the NY Times about the recent explosion of famous people writing children's books.

A handful of celebrities, like John Lithgow and Jamie Lee Curtis, actually have a gift for writing for children: they know how to tell a story and how to tell it with words and pictures and whimsical wit. For others, children's books are just another way to merchandise themselves, another vanity production: Britney books, along with Britney dolls, Britney cellphones and Britney mouse pads.


Other writers write their dialog, therefore celebrities are good at writing? I have a relative that wrote a children's book, and getting it sold is about name recognition, not necessarily quality. They're just leveraging their name like doing cellphone ads, 7UP commercials, etc.If they were really good writers, we see some good adult fiction from them. Looks at William Shatner (for all you Tek fans).

One time a famous neurosurgeon was at a party which was also attended by a well known writer. The host introduced the surgeon to the writer and the doctor said, "You know, I've always thought that when I retired from brain surgery I'd write a book."

The writer replied, "You know, that's funny. I always thought that when I retired from writing I'd take up brain surgery."

I'm pretty sure I've read that Shatner outlines his books, but the actual writing is ghosted.

Can't even imagine a book "by" Britney Spears actually being written by her.

He now...he's a spoken word artist, musician, painter, actor, and a great, greater outliner. Well, maybe not, but I've read a few Tek books. At least it was made into a TV program for a while.

I've read one Tek book. It was so dreadful that I wasn't at all suprised to find out that the ghostwriter didn't even put his own name on it.

Nothing, nothing is as bad as the 'Gor' series of books (bad in the sense of terrible dialog and very sexist, although there are diehard fans). Hunters of Gor, Marauders of Gor, etc. Trashy scifi novels, but I read them all in college when the local public library decided to get rid of the whole collection. I donated them to Goodwill, which should reduce my karma considerably.

"Good adult fiction" and William Shatner should never be used in the same sentence. Out of love for sci-fi and Star Trek, I attempted to read the first Tek book way back when. It was so bad that I didn't finish it, a rare thing for this bookaholic. IMHO, the series has sold as much as it has sold because it has Shatner's name on it, and not because it is quality sci-fi.

While I don't care for Britney, it is too bad that she feels like her brain is not important. Maybe if I was in my 20s and buff, I'd feel the same...nah.
I'm surprised noone picked on Madonna, just an earlier edition of Britney, with more trash thrown in; she's actually got syncophants who have convinced her she CAN write!

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