The Library Hotel


R Hadden Wrote :\"According to \"Special
Background Report\" the front page of the Wall
Street Journal, July 13, 2000, the Library Hotel that is
opening soon, and
which is located near the New York Public Library, will
categorize the
floors and room numbers according to the Dewey
Decimal System. What\'s the
Cutter table number for \"elevator\"?\"

I did some
searching and found a little information on the new
is from the owners, and has a brief description
along with some pictures.
Fashioned from a landmark1900 brick and terra cotta
structure set at the corner of Madison
Avenue and 41st. Street near the New York City
Public Library and the Pierpont Morgan
Library has been beautifully restored into a
mansion-style hotel of the highest
caliber.  Mahogany paneling, 60 impeccably
appointed themed guest rooms, exquisite
art work and wood paneled elevators designed to
resemble a cozy gentleman\'s library and
the ambiance of a private club.  A showcase of
tasteful design and functionality.

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