Judges sentences man to read in library every day

Charles Davis writes "from ananova.com A Turkish judge has sentenced a man to spend 90 minutes
each day reading in a library for a month.

Alparslan Yigit, from Yenifakili, should originally have been
sentenced to 15 days in prison for drunkenness and
disorderly conduct.

But the judge opted for an alternative sentence to avoid
putting extra pressure on overcrowded Turkish prisons.

He ruled Yigit, 28, had to spend an hour and a half reading
at a library every day for a month.

Yigit complained, saying being forced to read in a public
place was a humiliation equivalent to "doing the dishes at

He even ran out of the courtroom and disappeared for
some time, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports.

But eventually, he started serving his time at the library -
with a police supervisor making sure he wasn't just leafing
through the page"


Oh, please punish me! Force me to read whatever I want for 90 minutes per day! I promise to be bad! Can I ILL books and be forced to read them, too?

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