November 2003 Cites & Insights out

Walt writes "Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 3:13 (November 2003) is now
available for downloading.

The 20-page issue (PDF as always) includes:
*A scholarly access perspective: Getting That Article: Good News
*Bibs & blather
*Scholarly article access
*Interesting & peculiar products
*Feedback: Your insights
*Trends & quick takes
*Copyright currents

Where's the stuff? Look for a December issue stuffed with stuff, out by


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Table of contents.

Please give an actual table of contents.That table of contents does not give the content by giving the names of columns that are generic.

There's that gift horse again

An "actual table of contents" lists the article names.

You want a set of abstracts or descriptors, I'd be glad to discuss fee schedules.

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