Collection speaks volumes about their passion

Always lazy Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeven EM Cohen shares a Story on Lee and Mike Temares who estimate they have nearly 35,000 hardcovers and paperbacks. They are so much a part of the house that they seem architectural, as if the floor-to-ceiling volumes prop up the roof. The house is fragrant with them and they brush your shoulder as you squeeze past shelves in the narrow back hallway.


I won't be showing my husband that article. He needs no encouragement. We rent an apartment and he's managed to squish in thousands of books and records. They line pretty much every wall in the house.It will be very difficult when we have to move.

I once had a decent sized collection of books. Like many librarians I have a thing for them; that doesn't need explanation. One day, however, in my minimalist madness, I figured that they were talking up too much space/effort to maintain. Keeping all of the books I couldn't get from the library at which I work in a reasonable amount of time, I donated about 80% of them.

It may be tough to do, but you'll be releaved when you too finally decided that you don't need so many books on hand. I'm in a library everyday, I don't need one at home.

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