Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armor

Forget the much-discussed librarian action figure. Came across this inexplicable ebay item:

"Librarian in terminator armor with force weapon and lightning claw." Since this is from New South Wales, Australia, I can only surmise that librarian education and training is a little different than it is here in the US. Hurry, kids, only 3 days left to bid! And this is a one-of-a-kind item.


Its a figure from a tabletop wargame put out by Games Workshop in England. One of the armies you can collect and paint are the Space Marines. These genetically enhanced warriors of the distant future are members of different Chapters, i.e. The Blood Angels, Ultramarines, Iron Fist, you get the idea. Librarians keep the traditions of the Chapter alive, as well as being psionically gifted and general badasses.

I know what you're all thinking, but it was a long time ago and yes, I did keep my painted armies in a rifle case.

Long time ago, heck. I STILL play tabletop RPGs, I love wargames (Mechwarrior and Heroclix OWN), and though I think Warhammer 40k to be a bit overpriced and convoluted, the quality and beauty of the figures is not to be denied. And heck, I'm 27.

Yes I'm a geek. And to show off my geektitude I regularly RPG (Hero System 5 and D&D v3 & v3.5) with the IT Manager of our library.

The quality of the figures was what really got me. The game is expensive, and I did give it a go at casting replicas of the figures, but I didn't have the patience or time to get good at it. After getting a wife and having a couple of kids I found I didn't have the time to devote to the games. Now it's just poker once a week.

Since this fiscal year started, there have been many times when being psionically gifted might have been a great and necessary attribute.
The badass thing has come in handy. Recently had to kick a girl off the computer for downloading naked pics of Good Charlotte, in the Children's Room, no less(our lab is temporarily set up there, as we beg for funds to move the Children's Room downstairs). The boys who made a drug deal in the Adult Fiction section will not get away with it again, cause I got a tazer! Zzzt!

Hey! We need a discussion list (support group?) for RPG-playing librarians. I've been jonesin' for a good D&D round for ages. I tried an online game with some friends, but it collapsed pretty quickly due to scheduling issues.

Mal y Clypse said, "Librarians keep the traditions of the Chapter alive, as well as being psionically gifted and general badasses."I'm gonna work that into my next cover letter. "In addition to my working to keep the traditions of the library alive, it was noted in my most recent evaluation that I am specifically 'psionically gifted' and in general, a badass."

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