Clark Atlanta University Closes Library School

A story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution announces the closure of Clark Atlanta University program in Library and Information Studies, along with four other programs. CAU President Walter Broadnax said that the action was needed to help the university recover from its budget problems, after overspending its budget by $7.5 million last year.


What a shame...Emory closed in 1988, now does this mean there are no ALA accredited library schools in Georgia? A pity.

According to ALA, the only accredited program in Georgia was Clark. Of course, the same list says that only 29 states (plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia) have accredited library programs. Minnesota is not listed, because their programs are distance learning (from Dominican University in Illinois, and from the University of Texas at Austin). Hopefully, one or more Georgia schools will be able to set up distance programs.

The Clark closing is not a good thing -- I think they recruited many librarians, including african-american librarians, to the profession.On the other hand, if there were fewer library schools, and fewer librarians, maybe library directors/other administrators would finally pay librarians what they deserve.After moving from a state with no library schools to one with several, my pay dropped several thousand as well. Coincidence--No. The salaries seem just generally lower.I know, it is more likely they would just replace us with paraprofessionals--but I can dream :)

Hate to say it, but the GA students arre probably going to be stuck taking the same crappy distance learning courses at Florida State that I curently am in as a resident student.

Uh, ever thought about leaving Georgia and ditching the distance ed classes (if you are able?)I would highly advise it, if family reaons aren't keeping you there. There are lots of good library schools elsewhere, and there will always be plenty of jobs to come back to in GA.-a former GA librarian/resident

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