Friday Updates

Friday updates for this week include Missing Pages in Harry Potter, Bill Gates\'s Money, Ugly Library Building, Library Lemonade Stand, Save the Bookmobile,, Library of the Future, a Broken Library, the Secret to Harry Potter, Netlibrary News, More Stealing from Libraries, and the Quote of the Week!! Enjoy!!Harry Potter Mystery: Last Pages of Book Vanish Into Thin Air
Oooh Nooooo The Salt Lake Tribune has a
Story on some defective Potter
books, the last 28 pages of the book! So that makes the secret ending:
the book ends:
\" \'I see no evidence to the contrary!\' shouted Fudge, now match- . . .\"

The Gates Library Foundation just keeps giving and giving!
Now a huge donation in Alberta Canada got a cool $1.3 Million.
The full story does
a nice job of explaining how much this will help.

Beware arrogant, ugly building syndrome
If you or someone you love lives in Seattle, you may want to read

from the The Arizona Daily Star
\"If you don\'t know who Rem Koolhaas is, count your blessings. Your town
is safe - for now.
Here in the United States, the city of Seattle is shelling out $165 million
to build a new public library conceived by Koolhaas.\"

Relocation challenges library workers
\"Instead of working in the air conditioning, Meier spent part of
his day sitting on lawn furniture under an umbrella decorated by a
handwritten sign that said \"Library Info.\"

Library advocates not ready to end Bookmobiles\' run
\"But the Bookmobiles are getting old: Two of the vans are pushing
100,000 miles. Keeping them on the road is expensive, and county
money is always scarce. So, Courtright holds tight to what he has,
making repairs, changing oil and planning for each breakdown.
Before he gives up, he says, someone will have to run him over
with one of his own Bookmobiles.\"

From Launches
\" has launched its website which offers a
variety of different types of content for download and purchase.
Part magazine store, part research library, and part bookstore,
Contentville promises to offer new and traditional media together
at a single source. The site offers magazine subscriptions, books,
original works, searchable magazine archives, academic theses,
transcripts of television programs, speeches, screenplays, ebooks,
and other forms of content\"

From excite news
Library of the Future Gets Technology of the Future From Checkpoint Systems
\"The Cerritos Millennium Library will be the first public library
specifically built to serve the experienced-based economy of the new
century. It will focus on the library patron as its product, creating
a unique learning experience for all of its.

Fixes are in sight for Bucks library
\"The company that installed the Bucks County Free Library\'s
beleaguered computer system seven months ago promised this week
to continue working to find a solution to its ongoing problems.

From the LA Times
The Secret Key to Harry Potter: a Library Card
\"Muggles--or non-wizards--aren\'t living with evil guardians like
the Dursleys. Most are trying to avoid the cost of the hefty 752-page
hardback, which is selling at a discounted $16 in many stores.\"

From Hoovers
netLibrary Provides Off Line eBook Reading Experience With Launch of netLibrary eBook Reader Software
\"In another step toward its goal of providing eBooks for use on
multiple reading platforms, netLibrary Inc. today announced the
availability of the netLibrary eBook Reader(TM), a free personal
software application that users can download to their PCs to read
eBooks without being connected to the Internet.\"

From the Dominion Post
Former WVU library worker denies embezzling money
\"A former accountant for the WVU Library System denied Wednesday
in Monongalia County Circuit Court that she embezzled more than
$28,000 in book return fines and special service fees from the
library business office.\"

Quote of the Week
On a library\'s decision to filter all computer terminals but one...
\"I am not talking about bare-breasted women. I am not talking about
boobies -- for lack of a better word,\" Commissioner Ronda Storms said.
\"I\'m talking about the worst of the worst.\"

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