Digital Audio Books


Wired has this story on the next generation of talking books.\" talking books, users can navigate through different pages, chapters, or even sentences. People can search for a given word, or start the audio at any given point using a special keypad.\"\"You absolutely have the ability to move through digital talking books in much the same way as with a printed books,\" Kerscher said. \"The ability to see and hear at the same time is a huge benefit.\"

\"In a recent RFB&D study, 15 percent of all students who used digital talking books demonstrated increased comprehension, reading, and enjoyment. The ability to see and read at the same time reduced distractions and helped students with dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) read faster, Kerscher said.\"

\"We\'re seeing tremendous value in academic settings,\" said Mark Hakkinen, CTO of isSound, a company that licenses the synchronized text-to-audio technology for the Microsoft Reader.\"

\"With synchronized text-to-audio, users can listen to a description of an image in a textbook, instead of just seeing it. Such enhancements should help mainstream users as well as students with disabilities.\"

\"This isn\'t just a disability issue,\" Hakkinen said. \"It benefits a broad range of users. It\'s great for everyone.\"

\"Although several CD players and other portable devices that read e-books are already on the market, talking digital books have been slow to hit mainstream distribution.\"

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