Historic newsreel freezes 12 million moments in time on Internet

Here's An Article on BritishPathe.com a collection of more than 12 million historic photographs, capturing scenes from the Boer War to the D-Day landings. The images, which date back to the turn of the 20th century, have been captured from the archives of the British Pathe newsreel, a cinema news service that pre-dated television.

The unique collection has been created by re-scanning every inch of the archive's 3,500 hours of 35mm film.


Way Cool!Every project like this brings the pastto the present...vibrant and alive...withan immediacy that's a bit unnervingIf the internet did not exist, such projectswould not happen...the internet will continueto evolve into time machine and a portalto the rare historic treasures which mostof us will only see via our computer screens...Someone had the vision and someone made aconsiderable financial investment to scanevery single frame of the pathe newsreels...Wish that the "yanks" would do the samewith theirs...

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