PLoS Biology launched

mcbride writes "PLoS Biology has launched, and from the immediate passing view, has the look and feel of Science, complete with news, editorial, synopses of all research articles ("All PLoS Biology research articles are accompanied by a synopsis written by a professional science writer for a general audience.") and is available electronically in multiple flavors. Synopsis, Full-text (Web), Figures only, Print PDF (larger file, and Screen PDF (smaller file). The issue can also be downloaded as one BIG (65MB) file. As of 6amPST, the web server (including downloads of PDF) has been slashdotted. PLoS Biology is also available in print for those of us that like glossy covers."


Yesterday afternoon, this All Things Considered story about new brain-machine interface research (important for future advances in prosthetics for spinal-injury patients) mentions that the relevant article has been published in the Public Library of Science: Biology. Reporter Jon Hamilton referred to it as "a new online medical journal", if I'm recalling correctly.
Due to the continued slamming of their server, PLoS has linked to the article directly. You can read it here.

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