Harry Gets Patrons Excited


There are about a million Harry Potter stories buzzing aroung the net news sources now. This One from The Orlando Sentinel has a stronger library angle than most.

\"As librarians, this has us excited,\" said Nancy Gear of the Deltona branch. \"If kids read this book, and they see that they like books, we can get them to read other books. It`s that simple. But you have to get them to want to read.\"Brooks has been a librarian for 15 years; her associate Jean Caldwell has been one for 20 years. They`ve never seen anything like it.

\"Usually the kids will come in here only for an assignment, and they ask me, `Do you have any skinny books?` A book of 100 pages or more makes them groan,\" Caldwell said.

But this book, they read. It`s not short. It`s 734 pages.

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