Boy sentenced to visit library

A Very Small Blurb out of Australia says A court of appeals in central Turkey has upheld a sentence handed out to a 15-year-old boy that he go to a library three times a week for having stabbed another boy in the arm three years ago.


is it not bad to associate punishment with going to a library?And, why the library? Because they feel he will be watched there all day?Interesting story.

Maybe the library is the only public place in town to recreate. Or, maybe the point is to get him out of his house, which could be the negative influence in his life. But it does add to a negative image for the library as a babysitting service.

I'm a little harsh. I would have sentenced him to sit in the local hospital's emergency room every other day after school for a month. He'd learn a little about patience, and really learn about how fragile we all are. Plus, it could lead to a career in medicine.

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