Borders and the public library

Borders and the public library is a short piece out of Hawaii that asks: "Do booksellers regard the public library as competition, a pre-technological analog to pre-lawsuit Napster, or as a feeder network that develops a consumer appetite for purchased books?"
They say Borders must take the latter view, since it facilitated fund raising for the library system. As the Hawaii State Library begins its 90th anniversary celebration this weekend, Borders Books Music & Cafe and its budget sister Waldenbooks are making donations to the public library system.


I think this is a good example of strategic thinking at its best. While there may seem to be some competition between booksellers and public libraries, the view that Borders seems to be taking is a far more communal view than other businesses have taken, not only in this industry but also in others.

This will be good for both, particularly if they can build on this further.

Or did I miss the Dark Side of this Force?

In fact, Borders had let go of it's community relations coordinators (people who arranged book signings and other activities, had been one per store). Essentially, the company is run from its HQ in Ann Arbor, and couldn't give a hoot about the local community. Profit is sole motive.

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