The Fastest Librarian on Earth


The Story from Wayne State U Campus News, entitled \"What\'s that stereotypical image of librarians?\" shows us that not all librarians are little old ladies with cats (OK, so most of us are, but not all!)

\"Race car driving women are rare, but rarer still are female national champions in ProRally racing -- a closed-road sport sponsored by the SportsCar Club of America.

Cindy Krolikowski, interim assistant director of Purdy/Kresge Library, and adjunct professor of collection development in WSU\'s Library and Information Science Program, is both.
Krolikowski is one of the top ranked co-drivers in the U.S. Tied for number five nationally for 1999, Krolikowski is also the first woman to be ranked as a co-driver in closed-road racing.

Krolikowski and her husband Henry, a sub-station operator for Detroit Edison, have raced together as a team since 1983. Together they are ranked sixth overall nationally in this challenging sport. They met at an open house at Detroit Edison, where Krolikowski worked before she came to Wayne to pursue a library science degree.

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