Who wants to hug a millionaire?


The Charlotte Observer has this article about a $500,000 donation to build a new library. Do you think they should keep it, or go for the million?\"Self-made Union County millionaire Carroll Edwards, 63, has pledged $500,000 toward a new library, replacing a smaller one in his hometown of Marshville, population 2,757. The contribution apparently is one of the largest cash donations by an individual to a public library in the Charlotte region.\"\"Marshville native Edwards, who got his start as a truck driver in 1956, wants to name the library for his mother, Lois Morgan Edwards, who died when he was just 8.\"

\"She was a schoolteacher. This will be something that will help the schoolchildren for a long time to come, and it\'s something that I think she would be proud of,\" Edwards says.\"

\"To put his gift in perspective: The largest individual cash donation to Charlotte-Mecklenburg libraries is a 1996 $240,000 bequest by Gail McKnight, wife of former Observer Editor Pete McKnight. Bessemer City native Glenn Kiser in 1994 pledged $1million to his hometown to be used for a library, senior citizen center or community center after he and his wife die. The family of Hickory businessman Don Beaver, owner of minor league baseball teams in Hickory and Charlotte, donated $1million to the Hickory library in 1997.\"

\"This is an unusual gift,\" Charlotte-Mecklenburg libraries executive director Robert Cannon says of Edwards\' donation. \"Such a large one for such a small town. It\'s like an elephant on a gnat.\"

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