Laura Bush attacks US kids' addiction to TV

Steve Fesenmaier writes "US first lady Laura Bush says American children are addicted to television.

She was speaking at a book festival attended by scientists and fellow first ladies at the Kremlin.

A former teacher and librarian, Mrs Bush arrived in Moscow today to attend the festival - sponsored by fellow bookworm Lyudmila Putin, wife of the Russian president.
The Story"

There's a bit more Here, and Here. Also, This One says Laura is now vaulting into politics with a capital P. Sending the highly likeable Mrs. Bush into such unfriendly territory represents a fairly sizable break from what has been until now a concerted White House public relations strategy to position her one step to the side and one or two steps behind her man. Republican stalwarts love the fact Mrs. Bush "put the lady back in first lady" after Hillary Rodham Clinton tried, in their eyes unsuccessfully, not just to break, but to smash the mold.


Uuhh, had to wait for a commercial so I could log in...hello, is everyone watching Pokeman reruns?

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