Library arrests are overdue


Put your library card on the desk and put your hands in the air. You are being arrested because you owe us money for overdue materials. Book \'em!! From\"-- Renee Jones is one of three Warren women in serious trouble with the law over delinquent Center Line Library materials.
For the first time, Center Line police say they\'ll arrest patrons such as Jones who don\'t respond to repeated attempts to return materials.\"
\"An arrest warrant and police report show Jones, 41, owes $99.48 in fines -- the second highest on record with the library. She said it must be a mistake, since she can\'t explain it.\"
\"I feel like an idiot. I\'m a good person. I walk the straight and narrow,\" Jones said Friday when contacted at her home by The Detroit News.\"
\"Jones, a customer service representative for a flower wholesaler, was unaware of the arrest warrant and disputes owing anything.\"
\"I have not been to the Center Line Library in over a year. I don\'t have diddly that belongs to them,\" Jones said. \"I am totally shocked. I am, like, wow! I cannot even imagine what it is they think I have.\"
\"Detective John Riley said arrest warrants also have been issued for a 25-year-old Warren woman who owes $90.60 in fines, and a 36-year-old Warren woman who owes the most at $221.67.\"
\"The arrest warrants follow an amnesty period at the library in which $2,000 in fines was collected and 15 books missing for several years were returned.\"

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