Madonna's Children's Book Tops the List

I just don't have the heart to put this one under authors...AP Entertainment Reports Madonna's children's story, "The English Roses," was published simultaneously around the world Sept. 15 and will top The New York Times' children's list for the Oct. 5 edition. According to Nielsen BookScan, which tracks sales in the United States, Madonna's book sold 57,369 copies in its first full week, ranking No. 5 overall. The top seller was Dr. Phil McGraw's "The Ultimate Weight Solution," with sales of 215,536.


Call me old-fashioned, but "that" woman will never get a cent of my money. I truly hope that what goes around, comes around. Let's see, what would be a great "comes around" for her kids to visit on her? How about they renounce the Western world and become hermits! I know, she is a symptom, not the cause...

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