Asbestos closes library

A sad story on library
closings due to asbestos in a Long Island

\"I feel for the patrons because they\'re
getting hit the hardest by this,\" Guadagno said. \"But we
just have to make do and keep moving forward.\" But a
permanent resolution is nowhere in sight.\"The town board and the Library Board of Trustees
remain at their impasse. Library officials want the
buildings closed until the asbestos-considered a
carcinogen-is completely removed. Town officials
argue the libraries are safe and suggest a \"closed
stack\" system allowing the buildings to open, except for
the areas that were damaged, to keep vandals from
further destroying them.

Ronald Valenti, superintendent of the Smithtown
Central School District, and the superintendents from
the Commack and Hauppauge districts met recently
with library officials. The superintendents proposed that
the library hold programs in classrooms at Northridge
Primary, Whiporwil and Mount Pleasant elementary

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