New Orleans writers observe Banned Books Week


Mock Turtle writes "It's Banned Books Week, New Orleans style, this Thursday in the Voodoo Garden at the House of Blues. Local authors will read selections from their favorite challenged titles, ranging from The Anarchist Cookbook to Slaughterhouse Five to How to Eat Fried Worms. Read all about it in "Unchain my art" from the the Times-Picayune at"


Sounds like a blast, in more ways than one. I work in a small N.H. library. We have taken a different tack from other years, by featuring children's banned books in the primary location. The display shocks the adults, who always comment, "wait a minute, I read that!". We generally congratulate them and the conversation opens up from there, and we show them the adult books and the reasons, which we have enlarged and posted.
Our coworker and favorite cartoonist designed a great poster, and the local newspaper has joined in. This year has seen a marked increase in interest, and in patron feed-back, always a good thing. It is wonderful to see so many intelligent people in this apathetic,old, factory town; now to keep them involved!

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