Reginald Aubry wrote :Just passing on some Harry Potter info for you...

The new book in the immensely popular children\'s series will come out
tomorrow...well, at midnight tonight, actually: Harry Potter and the
Goblet of Fire. Whether you\'re new to the series, or an old fan, I think
you\'ll find something fun and valuable in the following links.
"In addition to information about the U.S. editions and J.K.
Rowling, the
Scholastic site has cool Harry Potter games based on trivia from
the first
two books and a scrambled-word game called Wizard Words."
How to pronounce all of those names!
NB: Although they list Hermione correctly, you might want to
blend the
syllables together, to make it her-MY-nee (like Hermione Gingold).
Lesson plans from Scholastic Books.
Has a variety of stuff - click on Pictures to see the chapter
Intro to Harry on good overview of the series, if
you\'re new
to Harry Potter.
The Encyclopedia Potterica
Fun fake newspaper for the Witch and Wizard community.
"Credibility is Our Second Cousin\'s Mother\'s Uncle\'s Grand
Middle Name!"
Harry Potter in the light of culture and religion.
>From CESNUR - Center for Studies on New Religions
J.K. Rowling Teacher Resource Center (with lesson plans)
The Harry Potter Thinkquest Junior Entry
I really like their character descriptions.
Good school fan page.
Very slow site from England, that\'s sometimes up and sometimes
not, but
with some great information, including a dictionary and news on
the Harry
Potter movie.
And for those of you with a sense of humor...the Harry Potter FAQ


Compiled by Reg Aubry
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