Fossil Oregon digs out

Depending on how you want to look at it, This Oregon Live Article is either a heart warming tale of devotion, or a sad commentary on the state of public library funding these days.
Fossil Oregon closed the public library, and pleanty of other public services, But a strange thing happened when the city shut down the services -- volunteers picked up the jobs left vacant by paid staff. In some cases, the volunteers are the former employees. The library will reopen for nine months under the Friends of the Fossil Library. After nine months, everyone hopes the city can come up with the money to run the library. Until then, volunteers, including the former librarian, will staff the tiny space, which is filled with everything from Nancy Drew mysteries to the latest Danielle Steele novel as well as videos and two computers with broadband access.Spotted by the great Bob Cox.


This worries me since local governments seem to have an attitude of if you can work without pay for x amount of time, then why do you need a salary, or that salary. I think it is great that the staff is so devoted, I just hope it doesn't backfire at funding time.

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