Harry Potter Vs. the Librarian


This boy in this article from the Daily News waited up all night to get a Harry Potter book, but when he tried to check it out of the library, his mom realized she forgot her card. Would this boy go home in tears, or would Harry work his magic?\"The librarian referred Matthew and his mother to the main checkout desk. The clerk there said the mother needed only to provide some sort of identification. The problem was the mother had left that at home as well. All she could offer was Moses\' dog tag.\"

\"We have our name and address on it,\" the mother said.\"

\"The mother suggested that they also could call her husband to confirm who she was. The clerk went to check with a supervisor and returned.\"

\"I\'m sorry, I really need some kind of ID,\" the clerk said.

\"The mother turned to Matthew.\"

\"Sweetie, we\'re not going to be able to take it out,\" she said.\"

\"Matthew looked mutely at the book that had seemed to come into his eager hands as if in an J.K. Rowling story. He was handling his disappointment with a quiet stoicism that Harry Potter would admire when a library official named Beth Weinstein stepped up.\"

\"Weinstein is the director of marketing and communications. She understood that these were special circumstances.\"

\"You know what? We can vouch for them,\" Weinstein said.\"

\"That was good enough for the clerk. She punched the information into the computer and Matthew took the book that would be his to read for the next three weeks.\"

\"Yeah!\" he said.

\"The book in both hands, Matthew walked back through the farmer\'s market and along the park with his mother and Moses. He was one kid yesterday who knew that magic is not just in the Harry Potter books.\"

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