Book ban ignites censorship debate in KS


Just in time for banned books week comes Word From Lawrence Kansas, where they say the Baldwin school board will have a special meeting to discuss a decision by the district's superintendent to pull the award-winning book "We All Fall Down" from a ninth-grade orientation class.

Though many of the students were already well into the novel, which delves into topics such as teenage alcoholism and violence, Supt. Jim White ordered the book pulled after two complaints from parents.

"It's a case where one or two parents are forcing their personal beliefs on all students in the district, and that's wrong," board member Stacy Cohen said.


The mother who challenged the Cormier classic is quoted as saying, "I'm asking that the book be taken out of the curriculum for the class. ... I have not asked that the book be banned." I'd like to know just where she sees the distinction.The other thing I'd like to know is:If these people just want to shield their own precious darlings from whatever Dangerous Ideas are in these Big, Bad Books (and hey! I guess that's their right, if that's their idea of effective parenting), then why can't they make a request to the teacher, voicing their concern and asking that an alternative book be assigned to their Special Angel ... leaving the open-minded rabble to be ruined in peace?

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