The latest hot youth trend? Reading library books


A Spiffy Article out of CT, where nearly all municipal libraries across the region offered some kind of reading challenge during the summer. Librarians said they were swamped with kids clamoring for books.

"You can’t tell me kids don’t like to read," said Caroline Siedzik, children’s librarian at Hagaman Memorial Library in East Haven. "What’s great about the summer is kids can read what they want when they want, unhampered by homework and after-school activities during the school year."


Encouraging indeed. Not to quibble, but I noted the article described the Nutmeg Award, a readers' choice award for children to vote for alternatives to the Newberys, as "unique to Connecticut." Well, the Nutmeg is just in Connecticut, but I knew that here in Georgia we have a similar award, and thought other states probably did too, so I looked it up, and found this page, listing links to state children's book award pages. OK, kids -- vote early, vote often!

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