Library issues tickets

Ron Force writes \"Employees at Multnomah County libraries now have more clout when it comes to disciplining unruly patrons.

Staffers can issue visitors who break any 21 of the library\'s 23 rules with carbon-copied tickets. The slips, which ban offenders from the building for a period of time, are the library\'s answer to an increase in behavior problems. has The Story\"

What do you think? Would you write up bad patrons?During a four-week period in early 1999, the library
registered 40 complaints for offenses such as
panhandling, underage smoking and drinking alcohol.

Twenty patrons were banned from the library last year.

Ticketable offenses include disobeying \"the
reasonable direction\" of a library staff member, riding
skateboards on library property or using pagers or
cellular telephones in a way that disturbs others.

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