Bill of Rights a nasty obstacle in war on terrorism


Tony Norman, a columnist at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette has an Interesting Column where he says there really are Americans who cheer when the president tells them that we have too many rights.

"Two years after 19 fanatics with a handful of flight hours under their belts inaugurated an era of prolonged suspicion and dread, the erosion of our civil liberties continues with patriotic nonchalance.


Our Boston Public Library's President Bernie Margolis' excellent leadership in all other regards is a model of a bad example of denial when it comes to intellectual freedom. Our public city archives at BPL have too many obstacles, too many hurtles and too much red tape is involved to get access to read the public information. BPL assistant director R.E. Kowal improperly declines to consider reference enquiries without a FOI Freedom of Information request. It is not permitted to use FOI as an requirement to read public archives.

Until librarian intellectual freedom advocates take the principles seriously enough to consider the case where librarians do censoring themselves, they are only giving lip service to the IF principles.

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