Friday Updates

Friday updates for this week include bomb making tools in libraries, cell phone bans, cool shelf management devices, helping patrons surf the net, collection development, and library auctions on e-bay. Enjoy!!From
Bomb websites: \'information can be found in libraries\'
\"And Ged Anderson says bomb making information is available
elsewhere. \"You can obtain just as much information on making bombs
at your public library. Just as fast,\" Ged told Ananova. Ned Watson
says censorship of the net is fundamentally wrong - and it wouldn\'t
stop people like Copeland. \"I am against any form of control of
the internet,\" says Ned.\"

From The Star
Brazilian city gags cell phone gabbers
\"A Brazilian city has decided it is time to gag those who gab on
mobile phones in public places where concentration is prized. Residents
of the thriving city of Campinas will be yanked out of their movie
seats, escorted out of libraries or barred from classrooms if their
cellular telephones ring, a local legislator said today.\"

From Channel News Asia
National Library scores world-first with shelf management system
\"Every book in the Library has been fitted with a chip. To stocktake
, library staff only need to walk around the library with a portable
scanner and they can stock-take all 150,000 books in the library
almost overnight. \"What happens in the past is that we have to do
this over two to four weeks and we have to close the Library to do
so. With this system we hope to be able to do stocktake of any Library
over a very short period of perhaps one to two days. The Library has
been trying different ways to automate our processes because our usage
is very, very high,\" said Ngian Lek Choh, Senior Director,
NLB Library.\"

From the Chicago Sun Times
Libraries helping patrons get the hang of Net surfing
\"Libraries here and across the nation are trying to bridge the
digital divide by providing free Internet access and instruction on
how to search for information electronically. The American Library
Association, whose annual convention opens today in Chicago and runs
through Wednesday, estimates that 90 percent of the nation\'s 15,000
libraries and their branches provide Internet access to patrons.\"

From the Billings Gazette
\"Buying for library requires reading the public’s tastes\"
\"Have trouble buying that perfect book for someone else? Multiply
that challenge by the wide-ranging tastes of at least 53,000 people,
tack on the possibilities of video movies, CDs, recorded books,
computer games and programs, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias
and other reference materials, add a pleasantly sizable wallet for
shopping and you have some idea of the challenge that Parmly Billings
librarians face when they stock the shelves.\"

From JS Online
Library using eBay to bid cheerio to British patents
\"The Milwaukee Public Library is using a digital solution to get
rid of an archival albatross. Starting Monday afternoon, the
library plans to offer for sale on eBay part of its beautifully
printed and preserved - but seldom used - collection of British
patents. The library wants to free up the mile of shelves the
collection now occupies.\"

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