Virtual 3-D libraries


Jack Colbert sent in word on his new project building virtual (3-D) libraries on the WWW. This project is
called \"librarea\", and it features fully navigable library
buildings, with
floors, ceilings, etc, which contain links to web-based information
resources. This is a non-profit, non-commercial project and it\'s
completely free to any librarian who wishes to participate. Right now, we
have 14 librarian/builders, from 4 different countries, participating in
this project. Check out for more.

If you\'d like to have a look at the project, go to to
download and install the free browser. Open the browser and click the
\"Worlds\" tab, top left, to scroll down to \"librarea\".
If one of the
librarian/builders is in, (the best times are late afternoons or early
evenings) feel free to ask any questions. If not, you can write me and
I\'ll be glad to set a time to meet with you inside and show you around the

I hope you\'ll consider building a library here. Although the structures
look complex, the actual building is quite easy (It\'s even fun). We have
an interesting group of librarians working on this, and we think you\'ll be
interesting, too.

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