Gutenberg-e has a Story on academic publishing and how things are changing. Gutenberg-e is a new project that will be giving out twenty-thousand-dollar postdoctoral grants grants to young scholars.

\"\"It seems unlikely that electronic books are going to
be any cheaper to publish,\" says Walter Lippincott, editorial director of Princeton
University Press. \"The big cost for a university press is the gatekeeper function. It is
not so much the copyediting and the printing and the binding in nice cloth. It is
deciding which are the very best scholarly monographs to publish. And I don\'t see the
demand increasing just because they are in electronic form. The fact is there is a
limited demand for monographs.\" Harvard University Press editor Lindsay Waters
suggests that Darnton may be tackling the wrong end of the bull. \"I\'m afraid it will all
turn out to be a big waste of money,\" says Waters. \"The notion of just letting more
stuff flow out, when we are already inundated with stuff, is just making the world

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