Public Library Geographic Database

rteeter writes "The Public Library Geographic Database maps 16,000 public libraries in the U.S. and makes available Census data to help in library planning. Produced by the Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center at Florida State University." Rochelle would like to add that she played with the database for awhile, and found it very difficult to navigate and was disappointed to not find either library public library in her community listed. Anyone have better luck?


The first time I tried it, I went to the map and just kept clicking until it zoomed in to my city. It seemed to have all the branches in my city.

After seeing Rochelle's comment, I tried clicking on "Quick Search." You have to pick a state and indicate whether you're looking for a central library or a branch (which could be a problem for some people). Then in the optional area, you can enter a county and/or a library name. I entered a town where I know there's a branch library, then clicked "zoom" and got right there.

The underlying data seem to come from the Dept. of Education's library statistics database. So, if your library is not listed or is listed incorrectly, that might be the problem.

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