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Soundara Rajan N.S, and David Dillard writes "This message was posted to the NetGold discussion group by a member from
India, Soundara Rajan N.S , a person from whom
I have seen a number of quite valuable resource posts. I do not know if
everyone of this list are familiar with this weblog devoted to library
issues that is brought to our attention in this post. I have looked at
the Blog and find that it is accumulating an important and varied group of
informational reports on library issues day by day and I highly recommend
this resource to the readers of this list.

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but didn't know that there are over a hundred library-related blogs on the
web, this service is designed specifically for you. It is a way for busy
librarians and library fans of all kinds to review items of interest that
they may not have heard about otherwise. See the Information Sources page
for links to related sites.

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