Ready To Roll


Hidden amongst the seemingly endless barrage of SOBig virii this morning was an interesting email from that ResourceShelf Guy on the new .kids Domain.
Being billed as "an Internet domain that parents and children can trust for educational and appropriate online fun" Launches On September 4, 2003. You can read the Overview of Policies and Procedures, or Register A Name.
Interestingly they Say a company called cyveillance will be "monitoring and reviewing" content for the domains.


What can they talk about that is of real social significance, that is. A quick perusal of that power point presentation of policies and guidelines shows that kids will be forbidden to talk about things like drugs, firearms, sex, and alcohol. Sort of leaves you out to dry if want to set up a chat room about puberty or substance abusing family members and how are you supposed to survive this sort of thing anyway? Doesn't it?

I guess adolescent participants will have to stick to the old, gender specific topics; girls will be allowed to talk about their dollies and how they do their hair, and guys will be restricted to sports and auto mechanics.

It'll be interesting to see what plateau of participation they will have attained in say - a year. My guess is that the post-pubescent population will be severely under-represented.

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